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Local Clubs and info:

* Southern Patuxent Amateur Radio Club. Formed in 1989, SPARC/CARC is the areas largest repeater organization. SPARC also sponsors the 147.195 (+) repeater in St Mary's County Maryland.

* Calv
ert Amateur Radio Club. Reformed in 2011 from the old Waldorf Repeater Support Group after the 145.350 (-,156.7) repeater was moved from Waldorf to Prince Frederick. This repeater is the widest coverage repeater in southern Maryland.

* Check out the Westmorelnd County Amateur Radio web site: westmorelandhamradio.weebly.com. You'll find info about the W4GMF 146.895 (-,146.2) repeater and the Elmer's Net on Wednesdays at 7:30.

* Northern Neck Amateur Radio Club sponsors the W4KGC 146.745 (-,107.2) repeater in King George, VA. 

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